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What is CrossTec™ ViewPoint?

With CrossTec™ ViewPoint, you'll make better use of your workforce because CrossTec™ does the cross-referencing and parts-lookup and allows your staff to spend more of their time on sales and customer service. With CrossTec™ ViewPoint, there's no more lost time sorting through catalog part numbers looking for the correct item. You'll manage your inventory better than ever by increasing your sales and maximizing inventory turns. You can instantly check product availability with your vendor so that your customers can be better informed and happier with your service level.

What does it cost?

If you are a current, active customer of NHC Distributors, Inc, there is no cost.  NHC Distributors, Inc. provides the software as a service to its loyal dealers.

What are my computer requirements?

CrossTec ViewPoint will run on any Pentium based computer running Windows 2000 or later with 256M of RAM.

Is technical support available?

Yes. You can email our technical support staff at any time at  Or, you can call us at 601-656-6197, ext. 120.

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